• I came to see Sarah Morgan about a year ago for digestive issues, problems with my cycles, weight gain and horrible fatigue. We have been working together for about a year and I am so thankful for all of her help. I love how knowledgeable she is and how she is always learning to further help her clients. I love all the fun explanations and the way she describe the WHY behind WHAT we are doing together. It really helps me understand what is going on in my body and motivates me to implement the plan!

    Amanda S. Commerce City, Colorado
  • My 3-year old daughter had several styes on her eyes for over a year when we first saw Sarah. We had been to several doctors that put her on courses of antibiotics for over a year with no luck. The only other recommendation was surgery with the chance of the stye coming back. We felt stuck. And I didn’t want my 3-year old to have surgery.

    My daughter was also starting to get self-conscious about the stye as other children started to notice and comment about it. As a mom, this broke my heart! Sarah recommended some easy changes to her diet and literally within a WEEK her stye was ALMOST GONE and today the stye is GONE and her eyes look amazing!!! We are so thankful for Sarah and her expertise in functional nutrition.

    Savanah, M. Thornton, Colorado
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  • A year ago I met Sarah Morgan for the first time; to say I was a bit of a mess was an understatement. I had been diagnosed with Hashimoto's and sent on my way, with no explanation for why I felt exhausted all the time, why my joints ached, why I had a constant headache and why I was constantly light-headed and dizzy. I was only 28 years old, a business owner and a mother to two kids and no way to explain why I felt how I did. Then I found Sarah and FINALLY someone understood me, she didn't look at me like I was crazy when I told her how I was feeling and she actually cared about what I had to say. I remember leaving my first visit and crying because I felt like I could finally see light at the end of the tunnel. Sarah didn't just help me with my symptoms she inadvertently taught me how to listen to body and how to heal it naturally. A year later I have:

    • Lowered my thyroid medication dosage in half.
    • My thyroid nodules have reduced to half their size - something even my doctor was shocked to see!
    • My lightheaded symptoms have disappeared completely.
    • My migraines are gone!
    • I finally don't have pain when I wake up every morning!
    Is every day a perfect day for me? No. It definitely is not. But I've learned to understand what my body is saying when I have any symptoms and how to heal it and honestly I think that's the best gift of all. Thank you Sarah!

    Veronica H. Aurora, Colorado
  • I live overseas and move regularly for my job and have trouble finding good medical care. Sarah and I talked over the phone about my elevated liver enzymes. She recommended a couple of specific nutrients to help my liver as she suspected some genetic challenges and am THRILLED that my liver enzymes are coming down, DRAMATICALLY! It is so awesome! Thank you, thank you! I’ve been recommending you to others and have you in mind if I need future counsel on my health situation.

    Carolyn M. Country of Turkey
  • Sarah helps her patients find and treat the root cause of their symptoms while effectively explaining how the human body works and how we can individually help our body improve its functionality. She creates a 100% custom plan for her patients and genuinely cares about their well-being and dedicates as much time as it takes to restore patient health and educate them throughout the process. She was able to quickly identify the reasons behind my mile long list of symptoms and implemented a short and long term plan which has me continuously feeling better every day. The knowledge she has and is able to share to others regarding health is remarkable and refreshing. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone, especially to those looking to live to their maximum potential.

    Michelle M. Denver, Colorado
  • I’ve had the luxury of knowing Sarah for the last 3 ½ years or so. I have the utmost respect for her with regard to her moral and ethical standards as well as with her fund of knowledge and ability at making nutrition very easy to understand for the masses. Her passion and dedication to health is really unmatched by any other health care professional that I’ve worked with over the years. I gage a provider’s abilities by whether I’d be willing to take a family member to see her for advice. Hands down, I would do that indeed. Sarah Morgan rocks.

    Karl Holtzer, MS MD Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • In Sept 2015 I started experiencing a burning in my mouth. It was like my mouth was on fire. And every time I ate, it felt like sandpaper. I went to the dentist to no prevail. I went to my doctor to no prevail.  My son suggested I see Sarah Morgan. When I met with Sarah she was so sweet, patient, and caring. She listed to my concerns, and asked probing questions. She asked me to get some blood work, and found that a lot of my levels were low. She's set me up on a nutritional plan, and within a week I was feeling great! And my burning mouth was GONE! Like I said, Sarah is caring, and truly wants what's good for people. If you are wondering if you should see her, wonder no more! She has changed my life. She can change yours!

    Jean, R. Denver, Colorado
  • Sarah Morgan was instrumental in changing my focus surrounding my health. During our first conversation, she asked me how I was doing since having my baby. I told her that I had not felt very well. After a few minutes into the conversation, she knew there was something much more serious going on and recommended I talk to my doctor about getting my thyroid tested. My levels came back off the charts and I was diagnosed with Grave’s disease by an endocrinologist. Sarah has been working with me to help regulate my thyroid and I have begun to lose weight and feel better. I know this is a process and something I have to continually manage. Thanks to Sarah, I have an answer to so many questions about why I felt so bad. And I'm headed in a new healthy direction. There is hope to have my old body back!

    Cindi, M. Green Valley Ranch, Colorado